Who We Are?

Our team consists of a group of reviewers who have specialized skills and expertise in the medical field. We make research in the market field by participating in online forums also follows every industries news as well as monitor their trends. We also maintain a close eye in the advancement of technology.

We have a team of editors who pick the products and services. Their choices of picking the products for review include various factors such as the cost of the product, popularity attained by the product and availability of the product in various locations.

After the editors come up with their final list our team will go to the manufactures in the list and ask for a sample. Some manufacturers are happy to give their samples as they depend on the quality. In some cases, we may have to buy the product at our own cost if the sample is unavailable.

We start our first phase of review by having the product on hand in which we test the quality of the product its strength and weakness which makes clear sense to the subscribers. Apart from these, we collect details such as support provided by the company to customers and the products durability.

You can read more about how we review the products here.